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The recommended service interval for a gas boiler is on an annual basis. Although your boiler may appear to be working fine, don't take the risk of skipping services. Boilers can and do produce Carbon Monoxide (a silent killer) and a service will ensure that your boiler is working correctly and that you are not being exposed to this deadly and odourless gas.

At Scotia Property Heating we offer two levels of servicing:

1. Our standard service covers all the safety and operational aspects of your boiler and where appropriate the removal and cleaning of burner components which are prone to becoming sooted up and causing malfunction.

2. Our comprehensive service covers all the items in our standard service, but in addition will provide free breakdown cover in the event that your boiler fails during the year. The cover includes all major components within your heating system such as pumps, motorised valves, gas valves, printed circuit boards and programmers.



Domestic Gas Servicing

All makes and models of gas boiler are serviced by our experienced team of engineers.

We carry out a comprehensive maintenance service on all domestic gas boilers (Natural Gas & LPG). This goes well beyond the basic flue gas analysis that some companies consider as a “service”.