2b Craiglockhart Drive South
Edinburgh EH14 1HZ

Telephone: 0131 455 7805

Our Full Business Registration details:
Scotia Property Heating (Domestic) Limited
2b Craiglockhart Drive South
Edinburgh EH14 1HZ

Registered in Scotland SC153584

VAT Reg No 694 0415 30

Tel: 0131 455 7805
Fax: 0131 443 6190

Our Core Purpose: To ensure efficient and controllable warmth in living spaces.
The roots of our family business stem from Scotia Thermal Engineering which was formed in 1993 with a focus on industrial and commercial heating and ventilation. In 1998 the company Arnott & Mann Heating Services (a long established domestic heating firm) based in Craiglockhart was bought over, retaining the existing staff and engineers, many of whom are still with the company today. At this time, the name was changed to Scotia Thermal Engineering, but was later changed to Scotia Property Heating (Domestic) Limited to closer reflect what we do as a company. As this is a bit of a mouthfull, we generally use the shortened version of "Scotia Property Heating". Despite the length of time that has passed, a number of our customers still refer to us as Arnott & Mann when they call and we believe that this simply reflects the consistently high standard of service that they have always received. As a family business, providing first class service to our customers along with excellent advice to ensure that their boilers and gas central heating systems are working at optimum efficiency is something that we take to heart. With this ethos we find that more customers come to us through recommendation than through any form of advertising.